Biomedical Sciences research grant awards

We celebrate the exceptional work of the scientists and researchers who have been supported by our organization in their pursuit of groundbreaking discoveries and innovative solutions. We are honored to support these outstanding scientists and researchers, and we hope their stories inspire the next generation of innovators and leaders in science.

Grant Awardees


Prof Vidita Vaidya, TIFR Mumbai and her collaborator for their work studying mitochondrial metabolic modulations due to early life stress and ways to revert the same.


Dr Vandana Sharma, IIT Hyderabad and her collaborators for building a 3D-Imaging-based Vein Intrusion Guide System for Pediatric and Geriatric Healthcare.


A Multidisciplinary collaborative team led by Dr Falguni Pati (IIT Hyderabad), Dr Sayan Basu & Dr Vivek Singh (L V Prasad Eye Institute) and Dr Kiran Bokara (CCMB, Hyderabad) for developing a Biomimetic hydrogel for the treatment of blinding corneal diseases.


Dr. Akanksha Chaturvedi from National Centre for Cell Sciences for researching and developing a novel high-affinity human monoclonal antibody cocktail against the Rabies virus for efficacious post-exposure prophylaxis


Prof. Radhakant Padhi from the Indian Institute of Science, for working to create a customizable and intelligent artificial pancreas for Type-1 Diabetic Patients of India, along with a cost-effective insulin pump.


Dr. Ambarish Ghosh, Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru and his collaborators for innovating a Nanorobotic system for oral health.


Dr. Vidya Ramkumar, Sri Ramachandra Institute of Higher Education and Research, Chennai and her collaborators for developing Smartphone based ‘Speech/speech spectrum in Noise’ hearing screening tests for early identification of hearing loss in children.

India is rapidly transforming into a dynamic hub of intellectual innovation and discovery. To support the science and technology ecosystem in the country, the Sree Padmavathi Venkateswara Foundation has created peer- reviewed funding programs that recognize exceptional researchers with the potential to achieve ground-breaking results in areas of critical national
importance. Our foundation provides these researchers with generous funding and empowering mentorship to generate knowledge and develop sustainable solutions of the highest quality, particularly in the fields of biomedical and agricultural research. We also work on projects to deploy advanced knowledge and improve the income of small and marginal farmers. We believe that by working together, we can create sustainable solutions that will benefit not only India but also the world.

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