Professor L S Shashidhara

“As the Indian S&T community is growing and their research outcome is diversifying, it is important that we diversify source and method of funding. Particularly, to ensure that the benefits of the research outcome help to alleviate the suffering of common people. In this context, the philanthropic contribution of SreePVF to Indian S&T is immensely valuable. The SreePVF awards large grants allowing the researchers to use them at their discretion as needed for their research. Fund flow is also carefully monitored so that at no time researchers face a cashless situation. This initiative from the pious couple Drs Sudha and Nageswararao is unique and hopes to trigger more such philanthropic contributions to Indian science”

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India is rapidly transforming into a dynamic hub of intellectual innovation and discovery. To support the science and technology ecosystem in the country, the Sree Padmavathi Venkateswara Foundation has created peer- reviewed funding programs that recognize exceptional researchers with the potential to achieve ground-breaking results in areas of critical national
importance. Our foundation provides these researchers with generous funding and empowering mentorship to generate knowledge and develop sustainable solutions of the highest quality, particularly in the fields of biomedical and agricultural research. We also work on projects to deploy advanced knowledge and improve the income of small and marginal farmers. We believe that by working together, we can create sustainable solutions that will benefit not only India but also the world.

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