Biomedical Research Grant Awardee 2023

Nanorobotic system for oral health

Dr. Ambarish Ghosh

Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru

Sharp pains in teeth while eating or drinking something hot or cold is a common problem faced by billions of people worldwide. It severely affects the quality of life and changes human eating habits due to pain.We are developing a permanent solution to this problem using experience from a decade of research in nanorobotics. We have developed CALBOTs – nanorobotic bioglass designed to fight sensitivity. CalBots are controlled by magnets and can travel deep inside human tooth, where they can form tiny plugs, sealing off the openings that cause sensitivity.

This is a new technology, but early results are promising. CALBOT treatment could offer a long-lasting solution for people with dental hypersensitivity, allowing them to enjoy hot and cold beverages without pain. We’ve tested CALBOTs in the lab and they’re showing great promise. They’re safe and effective, and could potentially offer a long-lasting solution for millions of people who suffer from tooth sensitivity. We expect this treatment to be available to masses in the near future.


Dr. Shanmukh Srinivas

IISc Bangalore and Theranautilus Pvt Ltd

Dr. Debayan Dasgupta

IISc Bangalore and Theranautilus Pvt Ltd

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