Biomedical Research Grant Awardee 2022

Revamping Diabetes Management: Intelligent Artificial Pancreas and Affordable Insulin Pump for Type-1 Diabetic Patients in India.

Prof. Radhakant Padhi

Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru

As of 2021, there are 74 million people in India affected by diabetes, making it the country with the second highest number of diabetics in the world. This number is expected to increase to 125 million by 2045. Out of these 74 million people, 10% (7.4 million) are Type-1 diabetics who are completely insulin-dependent, requiring external insulin for glucose regulation.

Currently, only 5% of Type-1 diabetics in India use insulin pumps due to high costs and limited availability. Our research aims to provide an affordable and effective insulin pump that will benefit these millions of people, as well as insulin-dependent Type-2 diabetics. It is estimated that the insulin-dependent diabetes patient population in India is approximately 20%, or 15 million people. The insulin pump will be a valuable tool for this group of patients, as it has been shown to be more effective in glucose regulation than conventional insulin injections.

Our research also includes the development of an artificial pancreas (AP) system, which will integrate the insulin pump with exercise detection and user-friendly android apps. This system will eliminate the need for manual programming of the insulin pump, maintaining glucose levels within normal ranges at all times. Additionally, the AP system will allow doctors and caregivers to monitor patients remotely through cloud functionality.

The benefits of this research will be significant, as it will increase the lifespan and improve the quality of life of millions of people affected by diabetes in India. We are excited to contribute to this effort and look forward to sharing our findings with the medical community!


Prof. Bipin Nair

Amrita School of Biotechnology, Kollam

Dr. V. Mohan

Madras Diabetes Research Foundation, Chennai

Dr. Chitra Selvan

M S Ramaiah Medical College and Hospital, Bengaluru

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