Agricultural Research Grant Awardee 2021

A novel and cost-effective technology to prevent post-harvest losses of fruits

Dr Jagadis Gupta Kapuganti

Dr Jagadis Gupta Kapuganti, National Institute of Plant Genome Research (NIPGR), New Delhi

The loss of fruits and vegetables due to postharvest spoilage is a significant problem in India, leading to a loss of income for farmers and retailers and an increase in prices for consumers. Our team at NIPGR has developed an innovative and cost-effective technology to tackle this issue. Using recycled plastic and wood, they have created a device that can enhance the shelf-life of fruits and vegetables and prevent spoilage.

This device has several benefits for farmers, retailers, and consumers. By extending the shelf-life of fruits and vegetables, farmers and retailers can keep their products fresh for longer, reducing their losses and increasing their income. At the same time, consumers can have access to fresh and nutritious produce at reasonable prices, helping to address the issue of malnutrition. The device can also benefit the fruit industry, import and export companies, and transport companies by reducing postharvest losses throughout the supply chain.

Overall, the development of this innovative device offers a promising solution to the issue of postharvest spoilage of fruits and vegetables in India. By supporting this technology, we can contribute to the welfare of farmers, retailers, and consumers, while also improving the efficiency of the supply chain and reducing food waste.

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